A serial stripper who faces a lengthy prison sentence for flashing has called for the creation of a nudist town.

Richard Stofer, 63, wants an area to be created where naturists can legally live their lives in the nude.

Failing that, he would like there to be an annual holiday allowing people to walk around in the buff without risking arrest.

Mr Stofer, who has a five year Asbo for flashing, could be sent to prison for up to five years in his quest for an all over tan.

He had been warned by judges on two previous occasions he faced jail if caught exposing himself in public again.

The exhibitionist bared all exclusively to The Argus from his home in Milton Road, Eastbourne.

He said: "I would like to continue sunbathing naked but I have got to control myself.

"I'm a bit obsessed with it. I first started sunbathing naked when I was 16.

"It isn't a sexual thing, I just like the freedom and getting an all over tan.

"I don't like wearing swimming costumes but it sometimes gets me in a bit of trouble.

"We have got a fuddy attitude in this country about the human body.

"There should be a UK nudist town where people can walk around naked or a UK nudist day once a year."

Mr Stofer has a history of letting it all hang out when the sun comes out.

He was given the Asbo and two-year conditional discharge in May 2005 after repeatedly sunbathing naked in Eastbourne.

On one occasion, he lay with his legs apart wearing see through women's underwear decorated with a heart shape.

He was caught by police in July 2006 lying naked in a neighbour's garden in Victoria Drive, Eastbourne, while she was out.

Earlier this month he was remanded in custody at Lewes Prison for five days after allegedly sunbathing naked on Holywell beach in Eastbourne.

Mr Stofer is worried about telling his Russian girlfriend, Venear, 48, about his latest scrape with the law when she visits from Moscow next month.

He said: "I'm not sure how my girlfriend feels about it.

"She knows I have got an Asbo and has told me to behave myself.

"But she doesn't know about this latest episode and I don't know how she will take it.

"She is quite desperate to come to England so I think she might be OK with it."

Mr Stofer added: "If I get sent back to jail it will be impossible to sunbathe naked.

"I don't think the guards would be too happy about it.

"But my case won't be heard until late September so the summer will be over anyway."

Mr Stofer is due to appear in Eastbourne Magistrates' Court on September 24.