A JEALOUS cleaner who installed a camera to spy on his partner has been jailed for his abusive and controlling behaviour.

Lawrence Hendry terrorised his now ex-partner with a series of “frightening and violent” physical and psychological attacks at an address in Bognor.

In one of the attacks he slapped her 50 or 60 times in one night, leaving her with bruising to her legs and back.

Police were called after he was seen dragging her into a house by the neck while she screamed in September last year.

The 31-year-old denied what had happened but his victim called the police a few days later and the scale of the abuse was revealed.

He was branded a “cowardly bully” by Judge Tim Mousley, who sent him to prison for 21 months at Portsmouth Crown Court this week.

Sussex Police investigator Dawn Hosken said: “Over the previous 12 months Hendry had become very jealous and controlling.

“He went so far as to install a covert camera in her flat to watch her remotely, he took her phone away from her to check the contents and regularly attacked her by punching and kicking her.

“This ordeal culminated on the night in September at the address in Pagham Road when Henry again kicked and slapped her, up to 50 to 60 times during the night.”

Hendry, of Pagham Road, Bognor, admitted the coercive and controlling behaviour and two assault charges against his ex.

The court was told that while he was under investigation, she again called the police but rang off. When a police handler rang back, she said Hendry had beaten her yet again, becoming violent and switching off the internet to prevent her sending any messages on her mobile phone.

Judge Tim Mousley said: “She became the victim of your abuse and what you did to her was all designed to make her feel subordinate and isolated.”