THIEVES have stolen a worthless information board from the seafront.

The board, which tells passers-by about the Hove Plinth Constellation sculpture it is placed next to, was taken last week.

It is believed the crooks must have used tools to get the board off its black metal base, possibly during Friday evening.

Karin Janzon, of the Hove Civic Society, said it was a “strange” thing to do.

She told The Argus yesterday: “Someone contacted me to say she had walked past at 11pm on Friday and noticed it was gone, but she thought it might be put back.

“I went there today and it was still gone.

“It is a very strange thing to do.

“It does not look like the rest of it has been damaged, so they must have used tools because it was screwed in.

“It must have been a planned thing.”

The Hove Plinth was unveiled in April and is based on a model of the solar system.

Constellation is on the promenade next to the junction with Grand Avenue.

It is made up of items which were suggested as objects which best represent Hove.

They include a seagull, a cricketer, windmill, elm tree and even a skateboarder – and this is what the stolen information board explained to people.

It read: “Commissioned by Hove Civic Society as the inaugural sculpture for Hove Plinth, April 2018.

“The sculpture is based on an Orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system. Rather than planets, icons based on popular things associated with the past and present of Hove orbit the system.

“The Constellation icons represent: The Amber Cup, The Hove Ship, Queen Victoria, West Blatchington Windmill, Sussex Cricketer, Special Effects Cine Camera, Rampion Wind Turbine, Elm Tree, Hove Beach Hut, Seagull, Skateboarder.”

Ms Janzon was perplexed by the thieves stealing the board and reported the incident to the seafront office.

She said: “The board is just there to provide information to people.

“It is a metal case with an acrylic colour – there is nothing of any value.

“It was quite expensive to have it done but it has no real value.

“But you never know someone’s motive to steal something.”

Chris Ingall, operations manager at Brighton and Hove Seafront Office, confirmed the report.

He said: “We have forwarded the report to Toni Manuel, the seafront development manger.

“Something new will be made up next week.”