AN innovative and multi-award winning beauty retreat and spa opened a new branch in Hove on Friday.

Bespoke You was first opened in Worthing by the entrepreneurial Michaela Meredith when she was just 21.

It provides customised therapies to men and women.

After four years of steady success and winning two business awards, Michaela ventured to open a second branch on Hove Park Villas.

She said: “It has been really hard work but I wouldn’t change it,

“I’ve absolutely loved it and I have a really great team around me.”

The concept behind Bespoke You is to give people a tailored experience to relieve them of their personal life stresses and to treat every customer individually and personally.

Michaela said: “Our treatments do all have a set procedure but if a person is more concerned with a certain area then we’ll focus on what they’re concerned with.

“If we need to amend things to make the treatments more beneficial for them then we will, it’s all about creating what we need to do, to give them the best beauty experience that they need.”

The establishment is made up of five treatment rooms with heated blankets, three pedicure stations which have adjustable footrests and curtains, and beauty stations for makeovers and manicures.

Michaela said: “We’re all quite stressed this day and age, everyone works really hard and I think we now take a lot more time to invest in ourselves.

“That’s what this is all about — making people feel better,” she added.

Having graduated from Sussex Downs College at 18 years old, Michaela quickly worked to turn her lifelong dream of owning a salon into a reality.

Her enterprising nature and business knowledge comes from her father, she said.

She said: “My dad is a businessman, always has been since I was a little kid so I grew up around people working seven days a week and full time — that’s where it all came from really.”

Bespoke You won the Adur and Worthing Council’s best startup business award in November 2016 and a business award for best startup in 2017.

Kelly O’Haire, director of Seaside Creative, said: “I first got to know Michaela when she was opening her salon in Worthing and there was a real vision for what she wanted to do.”

The future of Bespoke You looks progressive and Michaela hopes to open up more branches if the second addition to the company pans out well.

Kelly said the future looks very ‘rosy’ and she looks forward to her continuing partnership with Michaela.

“Her drive is almost quite inspiring for the marketing itself,” she said.