AS ENGLAND’S World Cup campaign ramps up a notch, football fans have gone to new lengths to show their support for the national team.

These patriotic ponies from Three Greys Riding School in Pyecombe certainly look like they have caught England fever.

Owner Sue Boyce – who says she is not even a football fan – sent us this picture and said of the World Cup: “Lots of my clients have been talking about it and they’re ever so excited.”

And a roundabout in Hangleton, in front of The Grenadier pub, has been given a makeover by fans caught up in the excitement of the tournament.

The roundabout has been lovingly painted with the St George’s cross and nearby residents are looking forward to the semi-final clash with Croatia tonight.

Paul Andrews, from Hangleton, said “I saw it the night it was done, a couple of people I know spray-painted it.

“Everybody was loving it, nobody tried to stop them. People were driving past, encouraging them, beeping and all that.

“It’s not hurting anyone, is it?”

The 54-year-old was unwilling to tell The Argus the names of the artistic people behind the masterpiece on Hangleton Road, but joked it “could have been Banksy.”

Richard Taylor, manager of The Grenadier pub, said: “Everybody thinks the roundabout looks great.

“We’re excited about the game tonight, it’s going to be a busy night in here. This is a family pub, there’s going to be a great atmosphere, we’re looking forward to it.”

Peter Bond, 68, from Hove, said: “I’m old enough to remember us winning the World Cup the first time round, I was 16.

“It was nowhere near as big as it is now, what with social media and everything, it was very different then. Not everyone had a telly even in those days. I watched it with my dad in black and white.

“I’m going to watch the semi at home on Wednesday, I think we’re going to win 2-0.”

Dave Parker, 64, also from Hove, said: “The roundabout looks brilliant. Saturday was just great, I thought we would beat them, I’d predicted two-nil. I’ll probably watch the game on Wednesday in the pub, I think we’ll beat them 2-1.”

Tom Graham, 21, a doorman from Hangleton, said of the roundabout: “It’s such a Hangleton thing to do, I don’t know who did it but I love it .”

The 21-year-old loved the game on Saturday, but won’t be able to go to the pub for the semi-final.

He said: “I’ll have to watch it at work because I’m a doorman but I’m very, very confident.”

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