FOR Guy Lloyd, having his face on the TV is just another day at the office.

For those who don’t recognise him as the newsreader on the Brighton’s local TV channel, you might now know him for his awful dessert on Channel 4’s hit cooking show Come Dine With Me.

Battling for the £1,000 prize against Brighton rivals Emma, Hannah, Tim, and ‘love doctor’ Monti, he entertained the nation with a Mexican-themed menu and an air guitar competition.

The show, which is set to last until Friday, began with 47-year-old Guy cooking and entertaining the opposition.

Guy said: “I think if you saw the show on Monday evening you’ve probably worked out I haven’t won this in terms of cooking.

“But in terms of personality and charisma... I’ve got this one in the bag.”

He was originally put forward for the show by work colleagues ten years ago but he didn’t make the cut.

A decade later, the radio show host and TV newsreader finally got his chance to entertain guests - and the millions watching at home - with his glamorous alter ego, Vince Venus.

This isn’t the first time 47-year-old Guy - or rather Vince Venus - has appeared on national television.

He had a try at Britain’s Got Talent but this left him with the unenviable title of the fastest act to be buzzed off the show.

Guy, who lives in Hangleton with his wife Sangita Chauhan, couldn’t help but look through online comments about his appearance on Come Dine With Me.

Guy said: “People couldn’t believe I was straight and married and also that our front garden was a mess.

“I’m really pleased with how I came across because I am a control freak when it comes to my TV and radio show.

“Obviously when you do something like this, you have no control over the edit.”

When the episode was filmed ten months ago, the 17-hour shoot required Guy’s wife and son to move out of the house for the day, but not before borrowing local artwork to hang on the walls and buying a few Ikea furnishings.

The group will be battling it out until Friday.