IT seems that our councillors are still determined to press ahead with the Valley Gardens project despite mounting evidence that it will be a disaster for the city.

This scheme will have a serious impact on traffic flows, both during the construction phase and more worryingly afterwards.

This will not only delay car users but bus passengers as well.

Apart from inconveniencing local residents, the traffic chaos that will inevitably result will have a negative impact on visitors.

The traffic queues to get in and out of Brighton on summer weekends are ridiculous as it is, so if the council genuinely wants to attract visitors to Brighton, is it really sensible to make matters worse?

The other issue here is the potential impact lower visitor numbers will have on that masterpiece of financial planning, the i360.

If passengers are already way below projections and the owners can’t pay the interest charges due, surely it is total madness to make matters worse by making it more difficult to get into the city.

No doubt the council will eventually agree to a permanent interest deferment and then cut services to plug the gap in its finances.

It will be ironic if the council’s continued support for this second white elephant (Valley Gardens) leads to the bankruptcy of the first (i360).

If this happens, the cuts in services needed to pay off the i360 bad debt of £40m will be significant.

We are really lucky to have such astute people looking after our interests!

S.J. Wood

Normanton Street