TWO football fans who turned heads with their lounge on top of a van roof at the Colombia game are back – now with a mobile garden.

The pair, who already had one of thebest seats in the house, have returned with a DIY masterpiece equipped with AstroTurf, flowers, a pub bench and, of course, England flags.

Brighton landscapers James Hamilton, 29, and Jamie Evans, 36, took their latest creation back to the Luna Beach Cinema on Brighton seafront last night to soaked up the atmosphere from the top of thevan.

James said: “We’re back and we’re bigger.

“This time we’ve moved away from the living room style to more of a garden.

“Jamie’s had the day off work so he’s been slaving away creating this.

“Last time we had really nice comments from people admiring the van so we are expecting quite a few people to come along and take some pictures and have some jokes.”

The van was kindly donated once again by their boss at JS Landscapes, Jake Smith, who regrettably could not join the handy pair for the game.

Of course, it takes more than two to fill up a bench that size and so they were joined by two other colleagues.

The garden on a van was certainly a crowd-pleaser, with car horns beeping in support and passers-by cheering them on.

Jamie said:“You want to be watching it at home but you want to be watching it in town as well so we thought this is a bit of both.

“After last time we had to up our game.

“We’ve gone from a beanbag to a lounge and we thought the next step was a garden.

“It’s just like sitting in a pub watching the big screen.

“We were going to put a barbecue up here – but we thought that may be too much.

“We don’t want to look ridiculous.”

And for his next move... Jamie has told The Argus that if England got to the final – and won – he might get a friend to tattoo Harry Kane’s face on his backside.