NEIGHBOURS are furious about a proposal to develop the former site of Amex House in Brighton’s Edward Street.

They claim the plans by development company First Base will break promises made to residents, overdevelop the area, contribute to pollution and go against the city council’s own city plan.

Adrian Hart lives in nearby Carlton Hill and is one of many in uproar about the proposal.

He said: “We’re pro development, we’re pro city plan, we want housing for our kids.

“But we’ve been left in the dark and held in contempt by First Base.”

The plans will go before councillors next week and, if approved, will include 168 homes, a GP surgery and enough office space to accommodate 2,000 staff.

Residents have told The Argus that despite the company’s assertions, they have not been adequately consulted or informed on the proposals.

Questions have also been raised about First Base’s consultation with the community.

Supporting statements for the proposals were removed from the council website after angry contributors claimed they were gathered without their knowledge and that their personal data had been published online unknowingly.

Neighbours have expressed disdain for the size and look of the project and have even put forward their own proposals for the site which they would like First Base to consider.

David Whittington, who lives in Blaker Street, said: “Everyone agrees it needs to be developed, but why not something smaller?

“People are entitled to make money from projects like this but do it nicely.

“That’s all we want to see.”

Proposals show the development would tower over nearby houses in White Street and will have a significant impact on the amenities of the street’s residents.

Queenie Saunders, 84, has been living in White Street for 38 years and despite recent health problems, has been actively attending protest meetings and taking part in demonstrations.

She said: “I just want them to consider us and to give us a say.

“It’s lovely sitting in my garden but once it’s built, I won’t have any sunshine.”

MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle has also raised concern that the plans only contain 20 per centaffordable housing, far short of the council’s 40 per cent target.

The Argus can also reveal that a legal covenant exists between First Base and American Express restricting the height of buildings in front of the new Amex office.

Jan Norris has been living in nearby Carlton Hill for 15 years and told The Argus: “They’ve skewed the development to White and Blaker street.

“They’re also going to build right up to the end of their site which isn’t the open space we were promised.”

Despite the opposition, the proposals have been recommended for approval by the planning committee on Wednesday.

Dan May, head of design at First Base, said: “We have engaged with local residents and we have tried to reassure them as much as we can.

“This new site will not be as high as Amex House but we accept there are some concerns.”

Mr May also told The Argus that 150 construction jobs will be created and, once open, annual spend in the local economy from the Edward Street Quarter will be £4.2 million annually.