A LATE night drink descended into a screaming row after a hotel porter called a guest a prostitute.

Rachael Bailey had gone back to the Royal Albion in Brighton with three New Zealand rugby players.

Bailey, a transgender woman who founded the Miss Transgender UK pageant, had been celebrating the opening of a community support centre in the city with them and another friend, a magistrate.

But when she got back to the hotel, the porter said the Royal Albion did not allow prostitutes and she could not take the men to her room.

When Bailey asked for a refund police were called and a row erupted.

She was held on the floor and handcuffed before being taken away in a police car.

Bailey, 37, appeared before Brighton Magistrates where she pleaded guilty to assaulting police.

The bench accepted the two police officers had been reckless when, along with two security guards, they pinned her to the floor and handcuffed her.

Magistrate Nigel Peacock said the comments from the night porter were inappropriate and offensive.

Bailey, who was inspired by Princess Diana to launch the first beauty pageant for transgender women, had spent the evening of February 22 celebrating with her friends.

The group had gone back to the hotel, planning to enjoy the view from her hotel balcony.

Paula Bristow, for Bailey, told the court: “They came back to the hotel at about 1am.

“Miss Bailey had only had a couple of glasses of wine and she had invited people from the pageant back to her hotel.

“The night porter didn’t recognise her as a guest and said ‘we don’t accept prostitutes here’.”

Bailey’s guests left and she insisted on a refund for the room and asked to speak to the general manager.

Police were called and after speaking to them for some time, the night porter insisted she leave the hotel.

Ms Bristow said: “The police said ‘that’s it, you’re leaving’.

“She was taken to the floor by the police and two security guards.

“The officers pinned her to the ground and handcuffed her behind her back before putting her in their car.

“She is screaming ‘my ribs, my ribs, what are you doing?’.

“She is saying ‘what have I done?’.”

Magistrates gave Bailey, from Cardiff, a 12-month conditional discharge and 14 days to pay a fine of £150 and a £20 victim surcharge.

Bailey, who suffers from two heart conditions and severe brain injuries which could be fatal at any time, said after the hearing: “I had walked through the hotel with three of the New Zealand rugby team who are friends of a friend of mine who is an MP.

“I was waiting for the general manager who is also a friend of mine.

“I went out for three hours, out with a magistrate.

“I didn’t intend to assault police, I was just thrashing my legs and arms about on the floor.”

The court heard Bailey was born with both male and female sex organs and has lived as a woman since the age of 17. She has raised thousands of pounds for charity and is very active in the LGBT community.

She organised the Miss Transgender UK pageant in 2015 and is “a valuable and respected member of the community”.