ELDERLY residents are frustrated they could not access information on how re-tune their Freeview televisions as instructions are only available online.

Almost a million homes across the UK have to re-tune their televisions after the Government’s decision to relocate some Freeview airwaves to make way for developments on mobile and broadband services.

However, elderly Freeview users said they could not get instructions as advertisements only provided a website and no telephone number for help.

June Marshall, 87, of Kingsmead Way, Seaford, said: “When I saw the announcement about changes to Freeview, it only showed a web link for viewers to access information on how to re-tune their TVs.

“However, to my surprise, there was no telephone number. This makes it hard for elderly residents like me who don’t have a computer.

“My friends have similar problems. Some of them have computers but that doesn’t mean they can use it well.

“I don’t want to bother the neighbours because it shouldn’t come down to us scrambling around looking for help.

“I live on my own and I am disabled and I can’t get out of the house a lot.

“It would have been easier if they provided a number for us to call for instructions.

“I need to wait until Sunday for my son to come and help me. When you get to an old age, television is our only pleasure.”

A friend of Ms Marshall, Kathy Mears, 83, of Lincoln Avenue, Peacehaven, is experiencing the same problem.

She said: “I am frustrated about the lack of alternative information available.

“Luckily I am insured with Teleview so the company is sending out someone to help me. They told me they’ve been busy because there are so many other clients like me.

“But what annoyed June and I is they don’t give any alternative information on how to get help or instructions. Some of us don’t have the internet so how can we get help?”

Freeview users can get help by calling this free phone number: 0808 100 0288.