FAMILIES may get a bit of an eyeful when they try out Brighton’s latest tourist attraction.

A new 16-metre high rope walk and climbing tower has been approved at Peter Pan’s Adventure Golf on the seafront.

But police warned that children may be able to see nudists from the top.

Neville Wren, Designing Out Crime Officer at Sussex Police, said parents might be concerned about what their children might see.

He said: “This facility is most likely to provide activities for various age groups from school age children to adults. It is closer to the beach than Marine Drive or Dukes Mound, and from the raised platform positions it possibly provides closer views across the beach towards the Naturalist Beach nearby which in turn may cause unexpected concerns from the parents of young children.”

The section of naturist beach near the marina is signposted on the beach to warn passers by what they might see.

The rope walk was approved by planners at Brighton and Hove City Council.

The proposed attraction in Madeira Drive was described as in the style of Go Ape and would tower above the mini golf course, with people playing below while others swing around above them.

It was approved for six years.

There were five letters of objection, with people concerned about the impact on the Georgian houses in the street above, as the structure is higher than Marine Parade.

A further 22 letters of support described it as brilliant for children and great for the economy, with some hoping it will help with the regeneration of the Madeira Arches.

Independent councillor Michael Inkpin-Leissner said: “I find it amazing 16 metres is too high for the seafront when what do we have at the other end?

“I cannot see the point of refusing it.”

Labour councillor Nancy Platts, who represents East Brighton ward, was not over-impressed with the quality of the attraction but appreciated the need to draw visitors to the area east of the Palace Pier.

She said: “I feel conflicted because I do not want to have too much along the seafront but to keep the natural environment.

“As it is for only six years, it is nice to have something else.”

Among the letters of support was one from Mark Batchelor of Spencer Avenue, Hove

He said: “I completely support the proposal and I feel that the high ropes will bring needed trade to the area and also create more jobs.

Andrea Staplehurst, of Nanson Road, Coldean, said: “This would be a total asset to Brighton we need more activities like this to draw in trade and hopefully more funds for the rejuvenation of the beautiful arches.”

Jake Camfield, of Chelwood Close, Brighton, said: “The park and already existing golf course is a lovely place for our family to take the kids. Adding a new experience for all people to try would be a good addition to a sparse area.

“The eastern side of the Palace Pier could really do with a fresh range of attractions.”

A previous application was refused for “excessive height and site coverage”, it had a “harmful impact on the openness of Madeira Drive and the beach, and the special character and appearance of the East Cliff Conservation Area”. But it is felt that the new design is OK as it uses slim metal mesh rather than solid timber, combined with a muted colour scheme, and a ‘de-cluttering’ of the structure”.