THREE buskers playing a Fatboy Slim song were shocked to discover they were filmed by the DJ himself.

Superstar Norman Cook posted the video to his 157,000 Twitter followers and now the Brighton homegrown talent have been viewed more than 16,000 times.

Best friends and bandmates Romain Axisa, 25, Gorran Kendall 23, Ren Gee, 27 were performing the 1998 smash hit Praise You in Ship Street when they were snapped by the DJ.

The Brighton trio are chuffed he decided to praise them with the gesture.

Ren said: “It feels amazing because we learnt the cover as he’s a big inspiration and it makes us happy to know he wanted to share our performance with the world.

“He was very elusive and we didn’t know he was in the crowd.

“It was so surreal that he was there in that moment and happened to be walking past right at that point when we were singing his song.

“Romain found out that it had happened when he bumped into someone in the street and they told him about the video.”

Friends Ren, Romain and Gorran began busking with each other in the city’s streets, regularly drawing big crowds to watch the their impromptu performances all over Brighton.

The group have just played this year’s Paddle Round the Pier.

Ren added: “When we used to busk people used to come up to us and say what’s your band called?

“But we didn’t have a band at that stage.

“We were just three mates who played together for the fun of it.

We eventually thought we should probably give ourselves a name.

“So we went with the name The Big Push.”

They’ve come a long, long way together since then and now The Big Push are being tipped for big things in the music world.

Music labels are said to be queuing up to work with the up-and-coming band with their debut single, “It’s Alright” coming soon.

You can listen to a collection of their music right here, right now, on their Bandcamp page, The Big Push.

Fatboy Slim is DJing in Pacha, Ibiza across the summer with dates set for August 7, September 4 and 18, and October 2.

If you would like to see the band’s performance of Fatboy Slim’s Praise You, then head over to to watch the video.