It’s amazing what delights you can discover in back streets if you just take the trouble to have a proper look.

Hidden away in Cobden Road is an aptly named and charming little local boozer, the Cobden Arms.

Despite the overpowering heat, warm enough to frazzle anyone, I received an incredibly warm welcome first from Gus, and then from the pink-haired barmaid.

The barmaid offered me a pint of whatever I fancied and informed me she’d come on the bus due to the heat. Gus the boxer dog presented me with his favourite green ball, what a generous fellow.

Others had succumbed to the rising temperature and had already switched to the cider, but I’m made of sterner stuff and tried a Bombardier at 4.1 per cent costing £3.60. It’s a solid enough traditional English ale which doesn’t really push the boundaries, but a pleasant cream head saved it and it was well served.

I’m not normally a fan of drinking on the street, but it’s different here as they’ve set up really great cushions on the benches and you sit right back against the pub. It’s also pleasant as there’s little or no passing traffic and a couple of lovely umbrellas. Beware if you do drive this way though, the speed bumps mean business.

Despite my comfy perch the searing sunshine soon forced me back inside and I ordered a pint of Kronie at £4.10, incidentally exactly the same price as a Birra Moretti.

There were a couple of fans pressed into action so the bar was a good deal cooler though I noticed of the dozen or souls in I was the only mug wearing long trousers.

There were a number of locals perched around the bar, but the difference here is that they’re all happy to chat – OK, the subject matter was pretty much footie and the weather, but we’re all comfortable with that.

When I first got in one of the three TV screens was showing motor racing but when the England v France U19 game kicked off we were back to basics – though the score by the time I left wasn’t pretty, did it really finish 0-5?

And, it’s immediately clear this place takes its pool, and particularly its darts, very seriously indeed. Not only are the shelves weighed down with trophies, but the boards and table are clearly well looked after.

While the barmaid was a delight and couldn’t be friendlier the landlady Ang was also hovering around, in exactly the way a great landlady should, just taking enough interest.

I popped out into the small back garden and found another couple of locals enjoying and shooting the breeze with their faithful Jack Russell curled up alongside – they reckon this is the best spot for miles, provided the smokers go out the front.

Back inside the barmaid was even singing a few notes to the jukebox, which I should mention was playing tunes from a proper musical era. Her singing I won’t comment on.

There are stacks of pictures on the back walls and even a fair selection of clocks – this adds to the authenticity of the place and I’m glad they’ve been retained.

Back in the front bar Ang had taken centre stage and I wasn’t sure what was going on. First, she asked a visiting handyman to be careful how he carried his tools and then she launched into her latest shower story.

It seems Sean was in the shower the day before and the newly installed tiles had started falling off the walls – this did sound hilarious. I assume Sean is her fella and that no injuries were sustained. The tale was superbly described, and Ang finished the story by making it clear she wouldn’t be showering for a while for fear the shower floor would crash through the ceiling of the gents and leave her in a compromising position.

I’m sure the anecdote was embroidered for effect, not least because the pub is incredibly well-kept and everything looks recently reupholstered, but it was very funny.

The gents is equally well cared for – standing at the urinal I noticed three pictures, one pays homage to the Albion (quite right), one features lingerie (tastefully done but daring) and the last one a snow scene (presumably to remind you of cooler days).

It was far too warm to even consider eating, but Sunday roasts are advertised at a very reasonable £8.50 and I’m sure they’d be great.

This must be one of the most welcoming pubs I’ve had the joy to visit in Brighton.

If you want an example of a local boozer getting it right, then look no further.

I simply can’t find fault, Ang (and Sean) I salute you.

The Cobden Arms Cobden Road Brighton

Decor: Four stars. Superbly well maintained inside and out, top to bottom.

Drink: Three stars. Not a massive choice, but well-kept and well served.

Price: Four stars. Sensible prices from a pub run by sensible (some of the time!) folk.

Atmosphere: Five stars. What a lovely, welcoming bunch – bet it’s great for a home league match.

Staff: Five stars. The barmaid was top notch, but Ang stole the show.