A GROUP of friends have taken comedy swipe at posh people by creating a mocumentary about two posh men living on a council estate.

Slumming Ponces is a fictional reality series featuring two self-described cultural pioneers, Julian Shipley-Harrington-Nash and Dinge Manaciff, as they spend two weeks living in Whitehawk and Moulsecoomb to learn about “the slums”.

Jonny Parlett (Julian) and Ruari Barratt (Dinge) both grew up on estates and Ruari used to work as a street sweeper in Moulsecoomb.

Airing every week on Facebook, the painfully posh twosome aim to escape the shackles of privilege by spending two weeks on the estate before their parents buy the area.

The pair joke to each other: “When we’ve bought it, I don’t think we need to change a thing – but we will have to teach everyone French.”

During their time on the estate, Julian and Dinge misinterpret the local accent as a tribal greeting, misconstrue roadworks as an archaeological dig for local treasures, and attempt to buy a council worker at the local laundrette.

Ruari said: “Jonny and I write the scripts and Joe (Large) and I direct the shoots.

“When we’re out and about making a video, we try to have fun and improvise.

“If someone happens to walk by when we’re filming, we ask if they want to join in.”

The show’s Brighton-based cameraman and director is Joe Large and other local crew members get involved to help create the show.

Jonny said: “We wanted to touch on things like division of wealth and social inequality.

“Dropping two ridiculous people like these into those spots allows us to talk about this stuff.

“There have been times where people have got annoyed or just weren’t sure why we were doing it, which is totally understandable.”

Jonny’s remark is in stark contrast with his on-screen persona who says in the show: “People think we have a condescending attitude to the locals.

“Quite frankly, that is a stupid thing to say and whoever said it is an idiot.”

The videos are currently between one to three minutes in length but the team behind the show are are looking for help to create something longer in the near future.

Ruari said: “We’re planning on putting the characters in all kinds of situations.

“It’s all about the two of them discovering the life that most of us already live every day and finding it novel.”

Those looking to watch the videos or get involved should head to www.facebook.com/slummingponces.