IN today’s Timeout, we take a look back at the busy Brighton seafront and beach.

Not much changes, it seems, because a sunny day today attracts crowds of people to the sea, and in the 1960s it was the same story.

A packed Brighton seafront is pictured here in the Swinging Sixties.

Hundreds of people are seen standing on and walking along the promenade.

A similarly crowded Brighton beach is also pictured here in the same decade.

On Whit Monday in 1966, a public holiday which fell on May 30 in that year, Brighton seafront was once again busy, with hundreds of people walking near to the Palace Pier and aquarium area, and stopping to look out to sea.

Another packed Brighton seafront scene is pictured here in the 1960s.

Two women and a child are pictured enjoying the sun on Brighton beach, along with many other beachgoers.

They appear to be sitting to the east of the West Pier, looking at the architecture on the seafront, but perhaps an eagle-eyed reader can identify it for certain.

Do you recognise it?

Regency Square is pictured from above, looking west towards Hove.

An aerial view of Brighton Beach and seafront from the Kemp Town area looking towards the Old Steine is also pictured here in the 1960s.

You can see Palace Pier, the aquarium roundabout and Kemp Town beach.

Does anyone know more about these photos?

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