THESE drone pictures show the dramatic aftermath of two huge pieces of the cliffs crashing on to the beach.

The collapse at Birling Gap on Saturday prompted a search by the coastguard who said no-one was hurt and no-one reported missing.

But rescue officers spoke of concern for public safety and the possibility of more falls.

The coastguard said changing weather conditions had increased the risk of cliff instability.

A spokesman said: “As seen in other parts of the country this weekend, the period of dry weather, followed by rain and then a return to warm dry conditions again is increasing the risk of cliff instability and it makes cliff falls more likely,” it said in a statement.

“Don’t get too close to the top of cliff edges or approach the base of cliffs.”

The beach was closed on Sunday.

More than 350,000 people visit Birling Gap each year, which have suffered falls before.

The Argus repeatedly published pictures of people close to the cliff edge to remind everyone of the dangers.

People are reminded to both stay away from the edge on the cliff above and from the cliff wall if visiting the beaches. Our pictures have included people at Birling Gap and at Seaford Head, at the Seven Sisters.