Early last year I was hauled out of early retirement when the editor of The Argus begged me to bring my reviewing skills here to this great city of Brighton.

I’d like to say he was dazzled by my words of wisdom and astonished by the incredible dedication I displayed to the task in hand… I’d like to say that…

But whatever the case, he signed me up to visit as many pubs as possible in and around Brighton to deliver to you, the loyal Argus readership, a no-holds-barred, fly-on-the-wall account of local hostelries.

The Argus:

My mission began in February last year and since then I have brought you all the ins and outs from more than 80 public houses in this part of Sussex – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Now, I have taken all these reports and mapped them on our website so you can enjoy each review – who knows, perhaps it will inspire you to visit one or two on the list.

I must stress again I report on everything I find exactly as I see it and I certainly don’t pull any punches, but equally I’m quick to praise when I receive good service.

Each report is a snapshot in time and represents the pub when I visited – I have included the dates when each report was published on the map.

You can also browse the places I've visited by flicking through the photo gallery above.

I hope you find this guide to our local pubs inciteful and useful. Good health to one and all.