A BURGER VAN owner who was moved from his spot of 22 years says he’s not doing as well in his new location.

Paul Newton, 57, was heartbroken when he was told he was no longer allowed to trade at Pavilion Retail Park just before Christmas last year – despite being there for more than two decades.

Three months ago, the council gave him a new location at the top of Wilson Avenue, just by the by the crossing to Warren Road.

Because of the comparatively isolated spot, his previous customers have been using social media tell people about the veteran burger flipper’s new site in an attempt to entice old and new customers to the van.

He said: “Obviously it’s going to take time to get some regular customers as it’s a new site.

"Sometimes it feels like I’m starting the business from the beginning again – but we are gradually growing.

“I haven’t had many of my old customers back but’s it’s always lovely to see them when they come for a burger and a chat.

"I’m just so grateful for all the support from people – especially all the help people have given me online.”

Mr Newton’s licence to trade at the car park near Halfords expired on November 29 last year and he received a letter at the time informing him his Better Bites van needed to be removed with immediate effect.

After an intervention from The Argus, the van was given a three month stay of execution.

For this, a delighted Mr Newton named one of his best-selling burgers “The Argus Burger”.

Now located by the racecourse, Mr Newton is calling out for old customers to come visit for a chat and a bite to eat.

He said: “I just love doing what I do as I absolutely love chatting to people.

“I can’t complain. The new site’s views are great and you’re never short of parking.”