WELL done Sussex Police.

It was great the the force came out yesterday and honestly announced that they had in fact made the decision to shut the gates at Brighton Station on Saturday night.

As The Argus stated in this column afterwards, we felt the right decision was made.

We were at the station on Saturday night and as distressing as some people found it, and in fact did say they were “crushed”, there were not any reports of any major physical injuries, as far as we understand.

If everybody had been allowed into the station at that time we may have had crowds of drunk people running on to platforms.

It is probably the case that the officer who made the decision had a well earned rest after Pride and only had the chance to update colleagues yesterday. We don’t know.

But at least the force came out relatively early after realising its mistake, having previously announced it was not them who made the decision.

As all parties agree, better planning can be done to improve the situation at future events.

This improvement can only be made if we clearly understand what happened last time and how decisions were made.

It can definitely be done better.

Albion fans have to wait but we manage to get thousands home towards Brighton and Eastbourne after games at The Amex, via the tiny Falmer Station.

With our huge and beautiful station in the city centre we can definitely look forward to a smoother operation in future.

Pride is a wonderful event for visitors and makes an absolute fortune for small businesses in Brighton. So let’s make it work.