I AGREE wholeheartedly with the views expressed in “Pride is an orgy” (The Argus letters, August 8). It was a pity the letter writer was afraid to publish his/her name.

However, I would not have described it as an “orgy”. Rather, “a senseless festivity”.

How can Brighton and Hove City Council let an organisation such as Pride bring our city to a standstill? So many roads closed to traffic, thus making detours necessary. Chaos at the railway station.

Hundreds of tons of rubbish to be cleared up the next day with our council dependent on volunteers to do the clearing-up.

Surely the council can’t be so hard up that they rely on the few million pounds that Pride gives them as compensation, or whatever, each year.

Does the extensive publicity that The Argus gives the occasion really increase their circulation figures? I doubt it.

Somewhere I read that the council had 200 binmen clearing up the mess.

How is that possible when so many districts don’t get their bins emptied every week.

Apart from Britney, was the whole weekend really worth it?

Again, I very much doubt it.

Charles Foster
Staplefield Drive, Brighton