BARBARA WINDSOR’S niece has announced that she will take part in the Alzheimer’s Society’s 2018 Memory Walk to raise awareness and funds to tackle her aunt’s condition.

Abbie Brackenridge, niece of the former Carry On and EastEnders star, will be taking part in the Brighton & Hove Memory Walk as part of the “Babs Carry On Walking” team.

She said: “It is a really great cause and when I found out about it I immediately wanted to take part.

“We all love my aunt, we’re a big family and everyone loves spending time with her.”

“Alzheimer’s is such a difficult disease to live with, and seeing it affect someone you love, whether they’re family or not, is heartbreaking.”

“It’s been incredibly affecting to watch this, as well as to see our uncle Scott’s love and devotion to her.

“He is a real hero in our eyes as are all families and carers going through the horrendous journey.”

The Alzheimer’s Society’s Memory Walk is an annual event which raises money and awareness about the disease, which affects 850,000 people in the UK.

This figure is set to rise as estimates predict that this number will reach one million by 2025.

Abbie said: “We will do whatever we can to help and support The Alzheimer’s Society.

“They have all our love and support and always will.”

Describing the support she had received, Abbie said: “So many people have got in touch since they heard we were taking part in the walk to pitch in.”

She said that among supporters were renowned local drag act Dave Lynn, as well as friends of Barbara’s from her 67-year career on stage and screen.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, a condition that can include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language.