ALL councils are facing massive cuts because of a drop in Government funding.

Tory-run East Sussex County Council is no exception.

It has made some very difficult decisions in the past few years, many of which have affected the disabled and other less fortunate people in society.

It has always blamed central Government, which, oh yes, just happens to be run by Conservatives as well.

Yesterday we reported that East Sussex could follow Northampton County Council and reduce services to the bare minimum.

That would be hard for residents, and indeed taxpayers, to accept.

But for many it’s even harder when you realise its chief executive earns a staggering £224,000.

And six directors also enjoy salaries of more than £120,000.

None of that is new, it has been in the public domain for a while now.

What is new is that it has created a job of lobby and engagement manager on a salary of £42,000.

Tory council leader Keith Glazier says the role is needed to press its case to Government and to engage with residents.

We think residents may well disagree and believe that the £42,000 would be better spent on protecting frontline services.

Lib Dem opposition leader David Tutt has slammed the move, saying the Tories should be ashamed of themselves for recruiting a spin doctor in these challenging times.

We think taxpayers too will think it is an absolute waste of money and should be halted immediately.