THE man behind the multi-million pound redevelopment bid for Madeira Terrace says he wants to make Brighton “bigger, bolder and brighter”.

Roger Wade, who runs retail and leisure development company Boxpark, has submitted a proposal to Brighton and Hove City Council to build shops, office spaces and a hotel to restore the crumbling Victorian arches back to their original glory.

The project is estimated to cost more than £100 million.

Mr Wade, who has lived in Brighton for 17 years, said he believed private investment is the answer to the terraces’ longevity.

He said: “We are trying to create a scheme that’s sustainable by itself while retaining the promenade.

“I am a Brighton resident myself and I want the best for the city. The last thing we want is more empty promises. We want to create hundreds of jobs and turn Brighton into an international holiday destination with millions of tourists visiting us.

“We will be restoring the original structure of the terraces. We are working with an architect who has experience working on heritage buildings.”

Mr Wade said should the plans be approved, the developments will come in three phases. The first will be building shops, second will be the hotel and third new offices.

He added: “We want to make Brighton bigger, bolder and brighter.

“We need to put things in perspective. I understand a crowd-funder has been put together to repair the arches.

“However, repairing all 151 arches will cost millions and millions so I think we need a viable scheme that is funded privately.

“It’s always been my dream to restore the terraces.”

The entrepreneur said it had been estimated the entire development would take up 0.5 million square feet.

As there are much-loved properties at the terrace, including the Concorde 2 music venue, Mr Wade said there was a possibility they would get a new home.

He said: “At the moment there are no plans to incorporate the Concorde 2.

“In the future we might sit down with the Concorde 2 and discuss the possibility of giving them a new home. We’ve applied for a 12-month exclusivity period so we can hold a public consultation with relevant interest groups.

“We are in touch with stakeholders such as Save Madeira Terrace, the city council and the conservation groups.

“We are about to make the largest investment in Brighton so we need to get feedback from people.

“Our plans will see us create a new public park at the upper Marine Parade, which varies from 12m to 17m, meaning the arches will move forward on to Madeira Drive by a minimum of 5m and the Marine Parade balustrade will move by 8m.”

Madeira Terrace is the most prominent feature on Madeira Drive.

The Grade II listed architect is 850 metres long.

Due to its deteriorating state, community group Save Madeira Terrace launched a crowdfunding campaign to restore the arches.

It was a huge success. More than 2,100 residents and businesses raised £462,957.

Brighton and Hove City Council launched the bid for Heritage Lottery Fund in March but it was unsuccessful. It would cost £24 million to restore all the arches.