A DRUNKEN yob clubbed a hospital security guard over the head with a torch outside A&E.

Callum Fife had gone to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton with a cut to his head.

But rather than wait his turn, the 26-year-old abused and swore at staff, complaining that he hadn’t been seen.

Security guards told him he was not allowed to drink alcohol on the premises, so he went outside and continued to swig wine near busy ambulance crews.

Three guards including Matthew Dewdney went out to see him, but Fife attacked Mr Dewdney by pinning him to the ground by the throat and striking him with a torch three times.

Fife, who has 16 previous convictions, appeared at Brighton Magistrates’ Court where it was revealed he was found exposed and on his knees thrusting his hips towards a woman’s face outside the Royal Bank of Scotland in Brighton city centre late at night.

He also faced a charge of possessing a chainsaw blade wrapped in duct tape in the village of Storrington in March.

Yesterday he was jailed for a total of 51 weeks for the three incidents.

Martina Sherlock, prosecuting, said Fife had gone into the Anchor Inn in Storrington in March and was talking to two women before a man intervened.

Fife boasted that he was out of prison and was carrying a chainsaw to “protect himself” because he had previously been beaten up over drugs debts.

He also claimed he had his legs broken in Horsham. The police were called and he was charged with possessing the offensive weapon in a public place.

Then in April, he arrived drunk at A&E in Brighton in the early evening and was told he would have to wait for treatment.

Ms Sherlock said: “He was upset at having to wait, he shouted and was abusive, calling staff c****, among other names.

“Security guards told him he would have to be patient and told him he couldn’t drink alcohol on the premises, so he offered them up for a fight.”

She said that after guards approached him outside, he carried out a “sustained and repeated” assault on Mr Dewdney that left the guard feeling dizzy with a cut on his head that had to be glued back in place.

Finally in June, police on patrol in Brighton passed the Old Steine and saw Fife along with two young women.

Ms Sherlock said: “The women were sitting on the pavement, and he was on his knees with his hands around his crotch.

“Officers suspected a sexual act was being committed. When they approached he was still on his knees, motioning his hips towards a woman’s head.”

She said police told him to cover himself up and he “did so hurriedly”.

Siobhan Lawson, defending, said Fife suffered from attention, deficit and hyperactive disorder, Aspergers syndrome and other mental health problems.

She said that ADHD “makes it very difficult for him to behave in ways that other members of the public behave”.

Magistrate Steve Uwins sentenced Fife, of Stane Street Close in Pulborough, to 51 weeks in prison.