Who said that dogs and cats can’t get along?

They have obviously never met Yorkshire terrier Bella.

The six-month-old, who is in the care of Dogs Trust Shoreham, became so engrossed in her foster family’s kitten the trust has decided her new “forever” home must have a cat.

Bella’s unlikely friendship with the kitten, Millie, involved the pair snuggling on the sofa, following each other around the house and playing together.

Tracey Rae, the trust’s rehoming centre manager, said: “Bella is a sweet, cheeky character with an active nature.

“We’ve decided that the happiness she has displayed in her foster home with Millie the kitten means that she must be rehomed with another interactive, playful cat that will enjoy the company of a dog.”

The foster family had another dog called Lola, but Bella had little interest in her fellow canine.

Bella’s foster carer said: “Mostly Bella ignores our dog, but she is smitten with our kitten.

“The two have become the best of friends and it’s so lovely to watch them together.”

Bella ended up at The Dogs Trust Shoreham after her owners “had a change of circumstance” and could no longer look after her.

The trust is now looking for a proper home for her but her unusual friendship means an essential requirement will be a compatible cat.

If you are interested in rehoming Bella, call the centre on 0300 303 0292.

Tracey said: “Bella would like her new owners to be around for most of the time initially as she will need time to get to know you and settle in.

“She loves to be around people and be made a fuss of.

“She’s an attentive and intelligent girl that will need owners willing to continue with her training.”

As well as a friendly cat, Bella could live with children over the age of eight.

Watch the video of the pair together at www.theargus.co.uk.