POLITICIANS often get a bad press, sometimes justifiably and sometimes quite unfairly.

Regardless of political affiliation it goes with the territory but as with most professions, there are good stories to tell as well as bad, right.

Peter Kyle, the Labour MP for Hove and Portslade, is often cited as one of the good guys and the heartwarming tale he tells about the installation of the piano at Brighton Station four years ago this month illustrates that we should all learn not to take life too seriously.

Peter came up with the idea when he noticed commuters often looked miserable and didn’t converse with fellow passengers while waiting for trains.

He then thought “Why not spice things up with a little light music?”

The idea was floated online and the next thing he knew it was being reported in The Argus and other media outlets. It was clear people loved it.

A piano was acquired and then it was just a case of getting permission. Simple then. Er, no.

Peter was told the piano couldn’t be installed due to “health and safety reasons”.

Then concern was raised over possible political overtones. As Peter pointed out at the time, he was hardly going to plaster the piano with Labour Party slogans.

Fortunately, common sense prevailed and ten months later it was all systems go.

In the intervening years, it has proved to be a resounding hit which comes as no surprise, so all credit to Peter for such a splendid idea.

Music truly brings people of all walks of life together.