Hove Lawns, Hove, running until Tuesday, August 28

It is Zippos first weekend in the city and as such is set to be a busy one for one of Europe’s most well known circus troupes.

With an incredible ensemble of talent and some fantastic acts that will have your jaws dropping all the way to the floor, Zippos is a spectacle that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

The circus, for many years, has been an entertainment form that has divided opinion.

However, whatever your opinions surrounding certain areas of the circus, there is no denying the acrobats and performers that take to the ring at Zippos are supremely talented.

Loving Vincent

The Old Market, Hove, Monday, August 20

This truly is something special, the first feature length movie made entirely through paintings.

Loving Vincent tells the tale of the legendary Vincent Van Gogh.

It took 125 artists more than seven years to make this incredible tribute to one of the greatest names in the history of the art world.

The film explores the last months of Van Gogh’s life and the circumstances that surrounded his death.

Of course it also celebrates his life, the work he created, and the millions of other artists across the world that he influenced.

With 65,000 frames of film painted by hand this, much like Van Gogh’s work, is a masterpiece.

Bad Manners

The Hawth, Crawley, Wednesday, August 22

Legendary ska outfit Bad Manners have made a habit of consistent touring and it seems to be something their fans very much relish.

Led by charismatic frontman Buster Bloodvessel, the two-tone group have become a household name among fans of the genre.

It is very rare that you can attend a show where you will be dancing and grooving one minute and caught in a mosh pit the next but that is exactly what Bad Manners offer.

A great live band, with a catalogue of fantastic tracks, this show promises a great night out for anyone looking to get down with Buster and his gang of trouble-makers.

The Tempest

Brighton Open Air Theatre, Brighton, Thursday, August 23

The Oddsocks, as their name suggests, have garnered quite the following for putting their quirky spins on classic plays.

This time around the group is taking Shakespeare’s The Tempest

and making it a sci-fi odyssey thriller.

The tale of illusion and revenge is brought to life vividly and with a fair bit of humour too.

It is a show which the group is calling “one small step for man, one giant leap for Shakespeare” and that sounds pretty accurate.

For a night of great laughs and a fantastic spin on a classic Shakespearian show then Oddsocks are the group to check out.

Jimmy Carr

Assembly Hall, Worthing, Friday, August 24

For over a decade and a half Jimmy Carr has been a leading light on the British comedy circuit.

His signature laugh and ability to provide a quick comeback at hecklers are parts of his character that have made him a viral sensation.

The 8 Out Of 10 Cats – and their “...Does Countdown” spin-off – is a fan favourite and knows exactly how to get an audience on his side.

He is currently in the habit of taking photos with a sock puppet of himself in the towns he visits.

So if you see Jimmy and Jimmy Jr on the Worthing streets, give them a wave.