THE rubbish problems in our city have gone on for far too long.

Brighton and Hove residents, the people paying for this service, frankly deserve much better.

This is seriously affecting people’s businesses and their way of life.

We have reported on this issue regularly since it started happening all those months ago – which will feel like a lifetime to those who are suffering because of it.

Evidently, some serious action needs to be taken to reverse what has become a totally inadequate service.

Sure, Cityclean has had its troubles – two months ago we ran an interview with its boss and others who said a shortage of drivers, bin lorries which overheat in the sun and bad parking by residents was to blame for bins not being collected.

But two months on, after the issues have clearly been laid bare, the service should have been getting better – not worse, as it is becoming.

We believe you deserve a better Cityclean service (even though a decent one should be a prerequisite).

The Cityclean budget has been slashed by 11 per cent since 2014/15, and now stands at £10.3 million.

Cuts to public services are happening across the country, with the NHS, schools, police and others on the frontline suffering greatly.

Maybe that is part of the bigger problem, but, unfortunately, the hard truth is they have to find ways of coping with this.

A lot of hard-earned taxpayers’ cash is being spent on a desperately poor service. It needs a solution, and quickly.