A BLIND veteran has revealed the secret to his longevity after celebrating his 100th birthday.

John Hanley, who lives at the Blind Veterans UK’s rehabilitation and training centre in Brighton, says a pint of Guinness keeps him going along with his good humour.

Spending time with friends and family is also an essential part of his lifestyle, the hero said following his centenary celebrations on Wednesday.

He said: “I look after myself and I’ve got a good sense of humour. Keeping up with friends and my family also keeps me in good spirits.

“I also have a pint of Guinness most days.

“People who meet me can’t believe that I’m 100 so I must be doing something right.”

To mark the occasion, John, who joined the RAF in 1938, was given a cake with a picture of his favourite tipple printed on it. He also took part in a Tai Chi class before enjoying an afternoon tea party.

He said: “I was rather overwhelmed with all the fuss. I felt very honoured that so many people showed up for me.”

John, originally from Lancashire, also served as an armoured car driver in North Africa.