HOW true the leading letter by Kevin Dray (The Argus, August 20) reads on landlord bashing.

What ministers (past and present) never seem to take on board in their attempt to penalise the bad landlords is that while they try to do, or think they’re doing is what’s best for the people who rent their homes when in fact they are doing their worst.

As Mr Dray points out landlords have to eventually pass on the financial penalties by raising rents, which in turn means those that are on any benefits will need to ask for more financial support from the Government to cover the higher rents being asked of them.

This means if they are refused any more assistance and fall behind with the rent it could lead to eviction.

They find themselves joining the queues at the council’s housing departments wanting accommodation.

That means more taxpayers’ money than ever before having to be found to house them all.

So, the blinkered powers that be, one day, just might wake up to the higher costs that have to be found and see that it would be best for all if they went gunning for the bad ones of this world and not tarring us all with the same brush.

I like to think I am a good landlord and I charge well under what I could get, but I have good tenants and want to keep them so my rents are low.

But there will come a time I cannot absorb the financial penalties imposed and the rents will have to rise.

Geoff Wells
Past city councillor for the Woodingdean Ward