THE Grand Old Lady of Brighton is often said to be the most photographed structure in the United Kingdom.

The West Pier certainly has enduring appeal.

It opened in 1866 during a boom in pleasure pier building

It closed in 1975 and after falling into disrepair, large sections of it collapsed in 2002 and two fires in 2003 destroyed the majority of it.

The pier is pictured here as it used to look from the shore in 1988.

A man called John Knapp is shown here fixing a light on the pier.

Donald Phillips, who was chief executive of The West Pier Trust, is pictured here standing on the pier in 1985.

Col Phillips and John Smith of The West Pier Trust are also pictured standing on the pier, which already looks a little unkempt, in 1986.

A group of men is pictured here standing around a bell, which is on wheels, in 1978.

Do you remember it being part of the West Pier?

Also pictured here is one of the West Pier kiosks in 1988.

There were originally six kiosks arranged in pairs along the desk of the pier.

They were built in 1866 and today only one survives.

It is currently being restored remotely by the West Pier Trust, which hopes to bring it back to the beach by reconstructing it in all its glory.

It is the only surviving complete element from the West Pier and the world’s oldest surviving pleasure pier building.

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