MUSICIANS and singers aged between ten and 25 are being invited to take part in a fundraising event.

Brighton Dome is hosting a music marathon on Saturday, November 17.

The aim is to support the next generation of musical talent in the city and the deadline to register is September 16.

Performers will be free to play or sing whatever they like as long as it’s suitable for a family audience.

Project manager Bec Britain described the event as “fast, furious and entertaining”.

She said: “There’s a powerful message in young musicians and singers who’ve received support publicly fundraising to ensure the next generation can have the same opportunities.

“Anyone aged between ten and 25 who is confident to perform in front of an audience for five or ten minutes can register.

“We want this event to be accessible to musicians, singers and music producers and will welcome any genre, so performers can be solo or part of a group and acoustic or amplified (as long as they can plug into a basic backline and play with no sound check).

“For performers, this is a great opportunity to play or sing at Brighton Dome.

“After all, you never know who’s watching.”

Funds raised will go to Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival and Encore.

More than 4,000 young people of all abilities are taught by Brighton and Hove Music and Arts each week in schools.

Encore is the fundraising network for all the young musicians supported by BHMA.

Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival united with BHMA last year and provide music and arts education, performance and touring opportunities for young people.