THIS is the self-taught pianist who loves to play to the public.

After Jacob Kinsey, 11, who lives in Whitehawk, snuck into his older sister’s room to play her keyboard when she was out, his mother, Elouise Kinsey, decided to buy him a keyboard of his own.

Elouise said: “Jacob is autistic, and playing piano helps him calm down if he gets frustrated with a computer game.

“He is good at doing two things at once, which is useful for playing piano.

“He used to play the piano at school in assemblies, and the teachers said we should get him one.

“He has taught himself to play by listening to songs and working out how to play them.”

Jacob asked Elouise to take him to Wyevale Garden Centre in Brighton because they have a public piano there.

A video of Jacob playing piano which Elouise shared on Facebook now has 10,000 views and a woman offered to donate a piano to Jacob.

Elouise said: “We want to get rid of our dinner table and put it in our kitchen but we need to find a way to get it first.”

Yesterday she and Jacob went to Brighton train station so he could play the piano in the concourse.

The piano, which was placed in the station in 2014 after Peter Kyle, MP for Hove and Portslade, had the idea to put it there when he was running for parliament, is missing a stool and a couple of the keys are broken, but Jacob still managed to perform a few numbers.

Jacob said: “I first started playing piano because I was bored, but now I like playing because I’m good at it.”

Elouise added: “He’s the next Beethoven, or Brighthoven. I told him if he tries hard, he can play professionally, but he says he doesn’t want to be paid for it, he just wants the world to hear him and for everyone to enjoy it.”