A COUNCIL’S emergency accommodation has been described as “depressing” by a former resident.

Kendal Court in Newhaven is leased by Brighton and Hove City Council for use as temporary accommodation for people who would otherwise be homeless.

But a man who was placed there by the council said conditions were “appalling”.

The man, who does not wish to be named, said: “I spent 11 months there but I moved out in July because the facilities were unhygienic and it was a stressful environment.

“A number of people have died there, which doesn’t surprise me because it’s so depressing.

“I think it should be permanently shut down.”

The council confirmed that since it started leasing the flats two years ago, seven residents have died. Five of them died in the last four months, with the most recent body found on August 22.

A council spokesman said: “Many of the people that live in Kendal Court are very vulnerable and have life-threatening conditions or complex health needs, including substance misuse issues.

“Our management contract with the owner and the care support we offer the residents are consistent with national guidelines.

“Full inspections of the properties are undertaken every two weeks, and the units are checked every day.

“However, the caretaker does not go into the residents’ properties without notification.

“We are not aware of any connections between these tragic events.

“There is an acute shortage of affordable accommodation in Brighton and Hove. With this in mind some of the properties we place people in are outside the city. We consider it to be good quality accommodation, and have no reason to believe that the quality of the accommodation was in any way a contributory factor to the deaths.”

Property developer Colgate and Gray, which manages the block of flats, was contacted for comment but had not responded by the time The Argus went to press.