RENTAL properties in the city are now so expensive that many people are either having to leave or are being driven onto the streets.

Brighton and Hove has been named the fourth worst place for renters to live, according to a recent study.

Andy Winter, chief executive of Brighton Housing Trust, said: “The cost of housing in Brighton and Hove is driving more and more people into poverty where renters pay 36 per cent of their salary for rent.

“Home Truths 2018, a study earlier this year by the National Housing Federation, reported that it is worse in the private rented sector where some renters spend 55 per cent of their income on housing.

“More people are finding it practically impossible to rent in the city, and people born and bred here are having to move away from family and friends, merely to keep a roof over their heads.

“Some end up sofa surfing, others rough sleeping, and we are seeing at the First Base Day Centre people in employment who are living in their cars.”

Labour MP for Kemptown and Peacehaven, Lloyd Russell Moyle, said: “Rents in the city are extortionate, that’s why the council has started to build build-to-rent homes. Percentage of rent will be capped at the percentage of national minimum wage. But we need to do more, we need national action. We need the Government to give more powers to our council to take action.”

A spokesman for Acorn, an organisation which supports renters, said: “Rents in the city are high because greedy private landlords keep putting the price up. Until we have effective rent controls they will continue to charge extortionate rents.”

Ruari Barratt, 36, of St James’s Street, Brighton, said: “Rent in Brighton is very expensive. I am sharing a flat with two other people. This helps to cut cost and it’s the only way I can live in Brighton.

“I pay £565 for rent per month. It can be difficult, especially as I am self-employed. Sharing a flat helps cut the cost.”

Jobs website Adzuna compared average salaries with the average cost of rent across the UK. It found Brighton renters are spending 36.6 per cent of their net wages. The worst city is London where people spend 40.8 per cent of their income, followed by Oxford at 39.1 per cent. Swindon has been named the best place to live as renters spend just 11.5 per cent of their net wages.