I wonder if Tony Booker (Letters, August 27) could let us know which seaside towns are culling seagulls so we can prosecute them under the Countryside Act 1981.

I would also be interested to know how Tony defines vermin and what makes a certain animal "vermin"?

There is a species that kills its own kind for no reason, fouls and pollutes land, sea and sky and lives most of its life in a sea of drugs, alcohol, TV and shopping.

Biggest vermin on planet Earth? Easy - that's the good old human being!

  • Simon Boyd, Court Farm Road, Newhaven

I am sick to the back teeth of people's complaints about Brighton and Hove's seagulls.

Valerie Ward (Letters, August 29) advocates culling these birds for no reason other than the fact they are noisy and messy. Indeed they are.

However, this is a coastal city, and the seagulls have been around a lot longer than us.

Perhaps those people who find coastal wildlife so irritating should move inland.

  • M Lewis, Hallyburton Road, Hove