WHEN Steven and Jon got married on Sunday, they had a wedding cake fit for King George IV.

The pair from Brighton had their first date on the Pavilion Ice Rink, fell in love while travelling in India, and got engaged outside the Grade I listed Royal Pavilion on Christmas Eve last year.

So when Steven Warner and Jon Gould were asked by award-winning bespoke baker, Beata Khoo, what they would like for a wedding cake, it should come as no surprise they chose the regal Brighton landmark, which was renowned as the then Prince Regent’s preferred holiday home.

Steven said: “When we asked her for the pavilion cake, we were saying it in a tongue in cheek way. But we ended up with the most wonderful showstopper of a cake and the guests were astounded.”

The pair were married at The Grand Hotel, where guests were invited to tuck in to the tasty architecture.

Designed by Ms Khoo, an international cupcake competition finalist, the delicious cake took four ten hour days to create.

The left hand side of the creation was filled with strawberry jam with cream, the right hand side, vanilla and lemon curd. The central part of the cake was held in shape by chocolate sponge.

Ms Khoo says she’s a lover of Brighton architecture and was delighted to have been given the task.

She said: “They were really surprised when I said that I could do it.

“The secret to making a great cake is to make it fresh and love what you’re doing.”

Her Brighton-based company, My Sweet Passion Cakes create bespoke treats for any occasion.

Among the long catalogue of handcrafted edibles created by Ms Khoo are a Kronenbourg 1664 beer can, children’s animation star, Shrek, and a flying glittery unicorn.

“You have to enjoy what makes you happy and so it’s nice when people say wow you’ve made our day.”