AFTER seeing the recent clip on Meridian News regarding the cyclist colliding with a horse, which I found appalling, I thought I would finally write this letter; especially after the day I have had with cyclists.

I have a disability and am on crutches.

When crossing the pavement at Hove Lawns, to my sister’s car, I was nearly knocked over by a cyclist.

When I shouted “should you not have stopped at the give way mark?”, the woman shouted back: “No, you should have”.

Now, I very much doubt she even knew what a give way mark was on the pavement, which she should have observed.

The other day two cyclists didn’t even observe the red light on a crossing along New Church Road; they just cycled straight the way through.

One had a carrier bag on either side of the handlebars which knocked a parked car.

It seems that for them it is very difficult to use the brakes to stop and put your foot on the floor so people can cross safely.

The cycles that are provided by the council seems to be compounding matters.

It looks like many people using them haven’t ridden a bike in years as they sway all over the place on the roads.

Cyclists should be made to pass a Theory test (like motorists do), and take a proficiency test, before being allowed on the road. Also they should be made to take out insurance.

The bikes should have MoTs, as a lot do not look safe.

It should also be made illegal for cyclists to wear headsets, surely they cannot be concentrating if sound is blocked from their ears.

A large number of cyclists do not even use the special lanes provided for them.

It seems a waste of money providing them, especially as our roads are in such poor condition for motorists.

Should cyclists not be made to pay a road tax too, no matter how minimal?

If the council is promoting people using bikes, instead of using cars, they they should bring in some enforcement.

Ms Harris Portslade