PARENTS have taken to social media to vent their frustration after it was announced children’s attractions would be removed from a park.

Kevin McCluskey, who owned and ran the miniature railway, paddling pool and indoor play area at Brooklands in Worthing, last week cancelled his lease with Worthing Borough Council.

He handed in his notice in protest after the council told his partner Lynne Carr, who owned the cafe, her lease would be extended for only another year and she would need to tender for it after that.

She was told in 2015 and negotiations had continued since.

They reached an impasse and Mr McCluskey decided to move on.

The miniature railway was put up for sale on eBay after the council refused Mr McCluskey’s offer to buy it.

Now the council has said it is unveiling plans to “transform this much-loved park into an exciting family-friendly attraction”.

Commenting on Facebook, Germaine Schneider said: “What about all the things for families and children?

“The train is much loved, why are the council not buying that off him? Why are they not listening to locals?

“Great that after many years of neglecting the lake by the council that at last they’re actually giving a damn about a nature haven for wildlife.

“Please build a lovely cafe with a nice seating sea for people to sit and enjoy and make sure that there are also things for families like there have been historically.

“It’s on the seafront and the council should be making it a lovely place for all.”

Alan Thomas commented: “So next time I go home for a visit will I see a family friendly park with activities and fun, will my daughters be allowed to ride horses and will I be able to take them on boats or play golf?”

A spokesman for Worthing Borough Council said: “The council has already invested a large six-figure sum in revamping the lake, ensuring it becomes a haven for wildlife as well as a place people want to visit. Contractors hope to complete this major project very soon.

“In the coming weeks we will also be ready to reveal a grand masterplan vision for the rest of the park. These plans have been developed with the widespread involvement from the community, including consultation with the recently created Friends of Brooklands Park and hundreds of responses from residents.

“We acknowledge there may be some frustration in the short-term but ask that residents remain patient as plans come together.”