VISITORS to a convenience store are in for a treat as they can take a front row seat to watch people do their weekly shop.

Bizarrely, a new bench outside the Co-op in Hangleton faces the shop instead of the road.

Kelly Howells, who lives in Hangleton, said: “I’m not sure what the council was thinking with this bench. It’s rather odd. They had one job.”

A spokesman for the Brighton and Hove City Council said: “We’re trying to find out if there was a reason for the bench to be facing the shop.

“Once we’ve spoken to the people who fitted the bench, if necessary we will change the positioning.”

A man who works at the Co-op said: “The council removed the old one, which was facing the right way, because it had been damaged and was a health and safety issue.

“They put a new one in facing the wrong way, a few customers have said it’s very interesting.”