THE regeneration of our crumbling seafront is paramount if the city is to remain a thriving tourist destination.

It is a no-brainer and therefore The Argus is fully behind Brighton businessman Roger Wade’s ambitious plans for Madeira Terrace.

His plans are not going to please everyone and indeed some opposition has already been voiced.

Of course it is vital that the beautiful Victorian arches are preserved but as Mr Wade has already pointed out, they are already an intrinsic part of his proposed development.

Obviously Mr Wade needs backing from Brighton and Hove City Council and, naturally, he wants to be the first-choice developer for such an ambitious project.

He wants to make Madeira Terrace a commercial success story and no doubt the council wants that too.

Whether or not he gets the council’s wholesale backing remains to be seen, but no one can doubt Mr Wade’s commitment to the project.

He is a Brighton resident and sees the vast potential of Madeira Terrace as indeed do many residents.

He wants to increase the commercial appeal by building space for retail outlets, office space and a hotel, which would bring much-needed job opportunities and boost the city’s economy in the process.

What is not to like? Having said that, at present it remains a pipe dream with the prospects of it becoming a reality still some way off.

That is not to diminish in any way what Mr Wade is attempting to achieve. The Argus wishes him the best of luck in his continuing endeavours.