TRADERS at Brighton’s Open Market have sent out a defiant message to the city.

It is now more than three months since a new manager took over the running of the London Road complex after the previous one left.

And the message from the new boss and market traders is: “We’re full and open for business.”

Will Pointon, who took over as market manager in May, said: “We are currently fully let and have a healthy waiting list of traders and businesses who want to be a part of our unique retail space.”

Kris Gorynski, who has run his honey shop at the market for five years, said the future was bright.

He said: “I am very happy here.

“I’ve had to build my reputation and customer base over time as success doesn’t happen overnight.

“The market has had its ups and downs over the years but the new manager is very professional.

“He is strict and that’s good because everyone now has to be open during core hours which helps everyone.

“You will always get some people who are not happy as you cannot please everyone.

“We are a community of traders and need to work as a unit.”

Abigail Hills owns and runs toy shop Pelotas at the market.

She said: “The new management has enforced rules.

“Before, I had issues with traders opposite me selling toys.

“I had a new baby and was breastfeeding in the back of the shop and they were taking business from me.

“The new manager has sorted that out and helped my business without any doubt.”

Two traders, the co-owner of Miniature And Moss and Mark Ciavola, of Potter’s Thumb, recently moved out of the covered market to set up shop elsewhere.

Another trader, who asked not to be named, said they moved out because they believed the new management was “not putting in enough effort to increase footfall and a lack of advertising, even though promotion is included in traders’ payment to the management”.

He said: “Myself and other traders are planning to do our own flyers and would like to get the council to put up a sign to direct people here from the train station, London Road and the seafront.”

But Diane Walmsley, who owns hippie shop Om Things, said: “The new manager came in and his first objective was to get the market open as some shop owners didn’t want to open up, then to get it clean and next will be advertising.”

Mr Pointon said: “Currently we have no vacant retail units and no units under notice.

“We have recently welcomed a new trader, Jaison the vegan barber, into the market.

“Every one of our traders is now open from 9am to 5pm weekdays and 10am to 5pm on weekends.

“The market is looking really welcoming and bright following a great deal of work by all the traders to spruce the place up.

“Many traders are reporting improved business and we have lots of very positive changes to come.”

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