TEENAGE japes are one thing, putting your life at risk quite another.

The group of teenagers who posted a video on YouTube of themselves messing about on Brighton Palace Pier, having gained access after it closed, would no doubt say they were “just messing about” and “having a laugh”.

That is as maybe, but the fact of the matter is something could quite easily have gone wrong and one of them could have been seriously injured.

The trespassers climbed along the roof of the pier to gain access without being detected and then proceeded to jump on the trampolines and visit the shooting gallery.

The fact they didn’t cause any damage is of course a relief but one of them then decided, with less than infinite wisdom, to climb up the rollercoaster, which he then described as “very greasy”.

Well, that comment perfectly encapsulated his idiotic behaviour.

What if he had fallen? The consequences could have been extremely serious or even fatal.

It is well documented that many teenagers over the years have believed they are infallible, but that is simply not the case.

Brighton Palace Pier chief executive Anne Ackord is quite right when she says: “It is incredibly dangerous to climb on the rides as they did.

“It was a huge risk and reckless in the extreme.”

The teenagers were met by security guards after they had exited the pier because the alarm had been triggered but were allowed to go on their way.

Sadly, their online boasting suggests the warnings won’t be heeded.