BRIGHTON is one of the top five safest cities in the UK, according to a national survey.

It came third in the list, compiled from research commissioned by the Crime and Investigation broadcasting network, behind Edinburgh and Bristol.

Brighton finished above Southampton in fourth and Cambridge in fifth, making it the safest city in the South East.

Detective Superintendent Jeff Riley, from Sussex Police, said: “We are delighted with this news as we work hard with partners to keep the city a safe place for residents and visitors throughout the year. “Brighton and Hove is a fantastic part of Sussex and we’re proud to be a part of this vibrant city.

“We listen to the concerns of the local communities and work hard with our partners to address them wherever we can.

“As always, we encourage everyone to help keep the city safe by continuing report to crimes and matters of concern to us.”

The survey found Birmingham to be the least safe city followed by Leicester, Manchester, London and Sheffield.

A staggering 42 per cent of those living in the Midlands city said they did not always feel safe on the streets during the day, while another 32 per cent worry even when in their own home.

In Edinburgh, the safest city according to respondents, nearly 90 per cent of people feel safe.

A spokesman for Crime and Investigation, said: “The results of this study offer a fascinating insight into how safe we Britons feel in our cities and towns.’’

The study, which quizzed 2,000 people, revealed 31 per cent have felt unsafe in their own home at one point or another, with nearly a quarter hearing of break-ins or attacks in their area.

Just under half of those polled have known a victim of crime, with a home break-in being the most commonly experienced offence.

More than a third know someone who has been the target of car theft and nearly a quarter are acquainted with someone who has been mugged.

It also emerged nearly a quarter of respondents have been a victim of crime themselves in the town or city where they live.