CCTV cameras must be installed to deter flytippers, a councillor has insisted.

Several roads around Hangleton have been blighted by rubbish being dumped on an almost daily basis for months.

Recently they left a freezer, suitcases and a bag of recycling next to communal bins in Hangleton Road, which, according to Cllr Dawn Barnett, is the worst affected spot in the area.

Now she has called for Brighton and Hove City Council to take action as residents’ anger grows.

They say they hate having their neighbourhood ruined with rubbish.

The Hangleton and Knoll ward councillor said: “The council must be able to get portable CCTV cameras in there.

“There are people standing around waiting to fine people for dropping cigarettes – why not do something round here?

“This has been happening for months, maybe even years.

“Workers will come and clear it but within 24 hours there’s another lot.

“Hangleton is a lovely place with lovely people, but the ones doing this are obviously very inconsiderate.”

Flytippers have also left a mess at garages in Bellingham Crescent in Hangleton, with binbags full of litter spread over the ground.

Cllr Barnett says her upset residents regularly contact her about the problem and alerted her to these two messes.

She said: “The flytipping spoils the area and it is a minority of people who are doing it. Residents phone me up and say ‘Dawn, another load has been dumped’. They are angry about it.”

A council spokesman said there is a possibility of having CCTV cameras installed in the area. He said: “All reports of flytips are passed to the council’s enforcement contractor and, where there is available evidence, this is followed up. Fixed penalty notices are issued and some cases have led to prosecutions. The council does deploy CCTV in hotspot areas and this location can be considered.”