VANDALS have already defaced one of the Martlets charity's new snails.

The fundraising project has been rolled out across Brighton over the past few days and has been met with a warm reception by residents.

But vandals have scrawled an A for anarchy symbol on one of the snails at The Level overnight, leaving Brighton resident Deborah Lennard "disappointed".

She tweeted today: "I was disappointed this morning to see that the @snailspacebh snail at The Level in Brighton, which is part of a fundraising project for @martletshospice, has graffiti on it. I hope he’s cleaned up soon."

A Martlets spokeswoman appealed for people to look after the Snails as they are raising money to help the charity support those affected by terminal illness.

She said: “Let’s look after our snails - these are works of art, that artists have spent hours to create.

"They are on the streets for everyone to enjoy and then every sculpture will be auctioned and that is when the money is raised for Martlets Hospice.

"If you do see any damage please report it to 08081 698 003.”