BURGER and hotdog charity entrepreneur Pete Hunt has met with children from Brighton College.

Schoolchildren relished the opportunity to take time out from their studies this week to meet Mr Hunt and taste his wares.

As part of the school’s series of entrepreneurship lectures, Mr Hunt was invited into Brighton College to give a talk on how he started up his catering business and explain how he ploughs his profits into helping fight malnutrition in war-torn countries around the world.

He started The Need Street Food Company in May 2016.

For every hot dog and burger (including veggie and vegan options) he sells, he pays for one sachet of Plumpy ‘Nut, a peanut-based paste used to feed severe cases of malnutrition, to be sent to Syria and the Yemen.

So far he has paid for 9000 sachets.

After his talk to the school’s entire Year 12 cohort, Mr Hunt set up his stand in the school’s quad where a long line of pupils quickly formed to sample his Austin Smoke Stacks (bacon, cheddar and onions), Loco Podencos (chorizo and chipotle salsa) and Tokyo Dogs (teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and spring onions).

Mr Hunt said: “The idea to do this came to me after I had recently gone freelance and had been saving for a deposit on a house.

“But when I went to see the bank about a mortgage they told me no way.

“So I decided to spend the deposit on starting this business up.

“Now it’s about changing the world one hotdog at a time!”

And if the brisk trade he was doing at the Eastern Road school is anything to go by, Mr Hunt’s business looks set to go from strength to strength.

Head of entrepreneurship teacher Chris Chong said: “Pete gave a fantastic talk to the pupils about setting up a business and how doing that should not be mutually exclusive from doing good in the world.

“I hope the boys and girls will go away and think about ways in which their business ideas can benefit the wider community too.”