THE man behind a £100 million vision for the seafront, called the “People’s Promenade”, has said the city needs a master plan for development.

Brighton and Hove City Council leader Daniel Yates has also echoed the need for a collaborative and long-term plan to rejuvenate the Grade II listed Madeira Terrace.

Brighton resident Roger Wade, the founder of the Boxpark scheme for the terraces which includes a hotel and retail space, said it has been his lifelong dream to restore the arches to their former glory.

He said: “At the moment it’s about engagement and having a conversation.

“We need a constructive debate about the best way of saving Madeira Terrace.

“As major commercial partners, we have to come and work with stakeholders like the Save Maderia Terrace Fund, Historic England, and the Victorian Society.

“No matter what happens, a commercial party will have to get involved and we’re putting our hand up saying we would like for it to be us.”

Mr Wade’s vision for a People’s Promenade is estimated to cost at least £100 million.

He proposes to build a hotel, office spaces, restaurants and shops to attract more visitors to Madeira Drive and transform it into a “world-class beachfront leisure destination”.

His plans for the 500,000sqft development includes 300,000sqft of public space.

The council has said that last December’s crowdfunding campaign will fund the restoration of three arches on the western end.

They have also entered a Lottery Fund bid to restore 68 of the remaining 148 arches with a decision expected in December.

Council leader Daniel Yates said: “We welcome developers and architects putting forward proposals and suggestions for working in partnership.

“Residents and businesses, as well as the wider public, have a big stake in the future of Madeira Terrace and any vision for its future must involve them.

“The project will need to bring together the skills and expertise of private, voluntary and public sector.

“However, any proposals will be subject to extensive consultation and agreement by the relevant council committees.

“Our aim is to renovate the whole of Madeira Terrace and we are working with Historic England and the Victorian Society as well as the local community on the long-term plans for the historic structures.”

Mr Wade said: “The very least we’re doing is generating more interest.

“We hope the council can galvanise everyone under one roof and we can finally save our seafront arches.”