FRUSTRATED residents left without a bin for more than two months say the situation is “ridiculous”.

Neighbours in Boundary Road, Hove, say they have been forced to leave their rubbish on the street, cram it in the street bins or use bins half a mile down the road.

Their previous bins were removed in July and they claim Brighton and Hove City Council has ignored their requests for new ones.

Teacher and Boundary Road resident Jason Lee said: “The council is failing in their most fundamental service.

“I know people that have been putting their rubbish in the street bins, some have been putting it in other people’s bins and others have just been leaving it out on the pavement.

“Something has gone wrong and nobody at the top is dealing with it.”

Conservative councillors Robert Nemeth and Garry Peltzer Dunn said they have sent many emails requesting action, including one to City Clean’s new boss, Rachel Chasseaud.

Cllr Nemeth said: “We will take the matter to full council if not resolved imminently.

“It’s a ridiculous situation that is highly embarrassing for the administration locally.”

A council spokesman said the bins were removed because they attracted flytipping. He said Cityclean head of operations Damian Marmura was scheduled to meet Cllr Nemeth today to discuss and resolve the issues.

He said: “The reason we removed the communal bins from outside Portslade Station was due to them attracting large amounts of illegal flytipping.

“We found that very soon after we emptied these bins they were filled again with flytipped materials, which local residents understandably complained about.”